Vibes Up 11.4.22

Back for more? Cant say I blame you.

Can someone who doesnt read blogs, be a blogger? In a world flooded with podcasts, am I the hero you need? (Shoutout HeroTheEmcee). I have a gripe against those recipe blogs that tell you someone's whole life story before telling you that the way to make oven roasted chicken, you roast chicken in the oven (insert laugh track).


Its a beautiful day to be alive. Tonight we're finalizing some custom shirts for a bachelor party in Atlantic City. What an absolute vibe. Pumped to be a part of it. I only have two tee's left and then I'm going back to the lab to curate the next smashing piece of Vibes Up (TM)  Clothing Company (LLC). 


Do you like hockey? Maybe I am toying with a hockey inspired hoodie. If it comes out good, you'll know. If it comes out awful, we can pretend this conversation never happened. I never actually played hockey due to incoordination on skates, but man I loved the Mighty Ducks. (The knuckle puck was legendary).


It's Friday night. A wild time in our lives. The way you dictate the schedule of your weekend is a telling sign of how you dictate the schedule of your future. Are you planning on going nutty all weekend? Partying, drinking, making questionable decisions? I've been there and I've lived that life. There's nothing wrong with it but looking back at it, for every good memory I have of those times, I have 9 others that I wish I didnt make. Time to sound corny - positive actions create positive reactions. Make the little kid version of you proud. 


Point is, life is too short to waste. A quote that I actually know who I heard it from this time - "Do something today to make tomorrow better" - Foley (artist, photographer, big business guy)


Keep Going. I believe in you and I am happy you exist and got to read big oleee blog #2 with me. Might be hard to notice, but I proof read didnt one this either. (Laugh track insert here)


Email if you ever need anything. Here to help as many people as I can.


Its a beautiful day to be alive. Vibes to the moon.


Vibe Guy



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