Vibes Up Diary 11.21.22

Vibes Up Diary 11.21.22

Live With Intent

There were times in my personal life where I did nothing with intent. I ate whatever I wanted whenever I wanted, I drank as much as I wanted no matter the day of the week. I smoked weed every night.


I thought this stuff was helping me live. I’m not saying all of those things are inherently bad in themselves. For me, they slowed down my growth.


Next month I’ll be 2 years sober from alcohol. This isn’t a post about sobriety- this is a post about moving on from things that hold you back.


Do you not like the way you look? Stop eating the foods you know you shouldn’t be eating, stop watching 20 hours of tv a week.


Things that help me:


-Outdoor walks (45 mins to an hour, no matter the weather - it’ll open your mind)

-Weight Training (lifting weights or strenuous workout clears your head and makes you feel stronger than your vices)

-Read books (10 pages a day is all you need, preferably books that focus on growth)

-Drinking water and eating well. It sounds corny but cutting out over processed foods will make a world of difference in the way you feel.


Do the things that make the future you feel good.


Keep Going, Vibes Up,


Vibes Guy

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