Vibes Up Diary 11.29.22

Vibes Up Diary 11.29.22

It doesn’t matter how I feel temporarily.




The actions we take have reactions. I’d rather those reactions be positive than be negative. I don’t know what my future holds but my job in this current moment is to do my best to make the reactions of my current actions, be positive.


Vibes Up and living a positive life isn’t about making every day to be filled with all great things and great feelings.


Living a life of positivity is simply about trying to set yourself up to weather any storm. It’s about understating that life has ebbs & flows, ying & yang. But there is no bad thing or good thing that will happen that will set in stone where the wind will eventually take us.


Keep showing up. Keep stacking positive actions. God, the universe and your heart will handle the rest.


Keep Going. Vibes Up.



Vibes Guy

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