Vibes Up Diary 11.5.22

It is a BEAUTIFUL day to be alive.


Its a Saturday - a beaut of a day in Maine. Maybe its the weather but I have been on an absolute wave today. Workout this morning went well, had a good day at work, grocery shopped, went for my daily walk and now Im about to go NUTS on some merch work.

Its funny how some days you can just be on a high level. It's super cliche and you've heard it from everyone but it is truly just your mental state. 


I was in line at the store tonight and the cashier and a customer were talking about some hardships they were going through. I normally dont listen much to others conversations because i typically cant understand what people are saying to me if i dont give my absolute full attention and try to read their lips(if you dont know me, I have profound hearing loss and cant hear out of my right ear). But I couldnt help but listen and have empathy for what they were talking about. (always remember that you could stack your problems up and someone else would gladly take them in trade for theirs)


The woman in front of me was in a powered sit down cart (theres probably a better way to describe that but idk how right now) and she was struggling to put her bags in the cart so I had her sit down and I took care of it. I didnt think much of it because its just the correct thing to do. Her and the cashier apologized for taking so long in their conversation - I told him - man its saturday night and Im at the store, I got nothing to rush for. The woman was grateful for the help, and I couldnt help but think how many times in a day, we dont stop to help. 


I need to work on this too, so maybe it will help you. We have to stop rushing. There are some things we need to get done quickly so let this not get confused. When I say we need to stop rushing, I mean we have to live in our moment, in the present.


Every.single.action in our entire lives has led to this very present time. The present is fully deserving our utmost attention. Stop thinking about rushing to get home, rushing to the event, getting pissed off the someone cut in front of you on the road. Every single thing led to this moment for a reason, live in it, enjoy it. 


Maximize the present - it is literally all you have. 


Life is beautiful and I'm happy you're here. Enjoy your weekend. I'm going to work on some apparel 


Vibe Guy

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