Vibes Up Diary 11.6.22

Vibes Up Diary 11.6.22

It's a beautiful day to be alive.


Today was Sunday and it was absolutely gorgeous outside here in Maine. It was 75 & sunny in November? I'll take it!


Kayla (my Lady) and I went for a walk today in a local park, a woman stopped to pet Emmy (Boxer dog, aka Vibes Up Queen) and she started telling us about herself. About her battle with addiction, cancer, recent loss of a friend - I'm not quite sure why she told us all of this within seconds of meeting her but it shared a very unique perspective on life and we were grateful to have the conversation. 


She talked about how grateful she is for life, for each day, and for her family. How she raises money for charity to help people who have similar situations as herself. It was a very nice 5 minute conversation that really made us think the rest of our walk. 


First, we talked about how precious life really is and that we cant take anything for granted. We could all be in her situation whether we think it's possible or not. Secondly, people are good. Good people still exist in all walks of life. These past few years, we've been told by the media that it's everyone against everyone. 


That simply isnt true. Go out in the world, talk to people, have conversations, be friendly. Get off your phone, get off the news, people are always inherently good. That woman may have completely opposite views that I have, but that simply does not matter.


Stop the divide.  Be human, talk to people, explore conversation, stop being so guarded in our own little world. Be grateful that we get to share this earthly experience with so many other people who, at the end of the day, are just like us. We are all connected, lets treat each other that way.


It's a beautiful day to be alive. We dropped a new shirt today - you'll see it on our home page, its pretty cool.


Have a great week ahead!



Vibes Guy


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