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 you get what you put into the world. Just like work or like a relationship, you get back what you put in, eventually. The message on the back of this sweatshirt is “don’t forget to smile today” this is important.

1. When you put it on, you’re going to smile. It’d be crazy not to, you’re literally wearing something that says don’t forget to smile.

2. When someone sees this, they’re walking behind you. They might not know you, they might not ever see your face or talk to you BUT they’re going to see that message and get a mindset shift. They might smile right away, they might think of it later or tell a friend. THAT is how you spread positivity.

We often only view life from our own perspective, in our heads, we’re the main character of our own life movie. What we fail often times to realize, is that everyone is the main character in their own life movie, we need to make their movie better any chance we get.

Be nice to people, brighten their day. Their movie could be sad that day, they could be dealing with something we don’t even know about or ever will.
So please, don’t forget to smile today.
Don’t forget to be a force of beautiful energy today, because not only do you need it more than you think. Someone else does too.

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